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Ready? Let’s All Get Caught Smiling Again.

The phones are ringing off the hook as many of you have heard the great news.
We have been given the green light to return to treating patients, not just emergency care. We understand that many of you are ready to resume your dental care while some would rather postpone until the time is right for you. We understand and support you either way. Please call and our team will confidently address and comfort any of your concerns.

We want you to know our staff has worked very hard preparing for your return. We call it the “New Normal”. It will look and feel different; all for the better. A smile behind our mask and a cheerful hello will let you know, we are so pleased to have you back in our safe dental place.

Here is the plan moving forward and some of the changes we have made for your safety and ours:

  •   Everyone must wear face coverings.
  •   Pre-screening for all of our patients, visitors & staff.
  •   Temperature checks for all.
  •   Modified reception areas including plexiglass barriers for our business team.
  •   Regular application of approved disinfectants on all touched surfaces.
  •   All staff wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including Face Shields.

    To keep everyone safe and respect social distancing:
    We are seeing fewer patients in our office with longer appointment times.
    It is very important that you do not miss your appointment, arrive late, or cancel with less than 48 hour notice as it may be weeks before we can reappoint you with this new scheduling time frame.

    We look forward to your safe return,

    Your Grand Dental Care Team

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