Traditional Metal Braces

What are Traditional Metal Braces?

Traditional wire and bracket orthodontics can be especially beneficial for patients with moderate to even severe crowding, misalignment and malocclusion problems. Braces can be attached to the teeth to help reposition and realign them for a straighter, healthier smile. Brackets work in conjunction with a thin metal wiring that is adjusted at each of your orthodontic appointments. This traditional orthodontic option is ideal for kids, teens and even adults undergoing treatment. 

Why Are Braces Needed?

Metal braces are ideal for patients of all ages and can fix a variety of orthodontic issues. We often recommend traditional braces to our patients needing extensive care. Some problems that braces can fix include:  

  • Overcrowding
  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • Malocclusion problems
  • Uneven spacing and gaps
Woman In Braces

What happens during treatment for Traditional Metal Braces?

Orthodontic treatment begins with a complete consultation that involves x-rays, impressions and an exam. We want to get to know you or your child as well as the smile that needs to be straightened. We then affix metal brackets to the teeth and place a thin metal wire across these brackets. The wire is held in place by small rubber bands that come in a variety of fun colors. You will come in every few weeks in order to have the wiring adjusted to continue with treatment. Treatment using braces can take just months or several years depending on the specific patient. We do everything possible to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and quick as possible while obtaining beautiful, straight results that will last. 

Portrait Of A Happy Smiling Teenage Girl With Dental Braces And Glasses.

Who is a candidate for Traditional Metal Braces?

It is not uncommon to have teeth that aren’t perfectly straight. With severe crowding and misalignment, it can be difficult to keep your teeth clean. We can perform an exam to determine if you might benefit from braces. Braces are affixed to the teeth until they are professionally removed, so they’re ideal for patients of all ages.