Why Don’t Men Visit the Dentist?

A recent study has confirmed that men are less likely to visit the dentist than their female counterparts. Traditionally speaking, women are the healthcare schedulers and advocates in their households and men tend to delay treatment.

Why, you ask? Well in a study, 45% of men did report value and a need to visit the dentist, 30% of men are afraid or embarrassed, 18% just don’t have the time, and about 5% don’t even have or know a dentist.

However, this trend may be disappearing as more men are back in the dental chair, and the reason is interesting. Experts believe this resurgence of men visiting their local dentist is due to the changing landscape of the American workplace. Basically, gentlemen are finally understanding the powerful and positive effects that their colleagues get from an improved smile. How so? They realize that a great smile has a lot of value in the workplace. We know this because in addition to just coming in more regularly for routine dental checkups, men are also requesting more cosmetic treatment and procedures, such as bleaching, bonding and even veneers.

Think about it this way: In the past, most men worked for one or two employers their entire life. So, the consideration of how their appearance affected their professional life and ability to stay employed was not necessarily important. But that is not the case today, with lay-offs and company closings across the board. Today, middle-aged men are aggressively competing against younger men for the same jobs, making appearance an important factor. Employers repeatedly say that appearance does affect hire-ability of job candidates. Hence, offices are reporting an increase in male visits to the dentist.

Now, ladies, don’t get too excited. It will be a long time before all the guys out there figure it out and willingly run to their nearest dentist. Until then, keep encouraging the gentlemen in your life to see their dentist regularly for check ups and preventative care.

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