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Sedation Dentistry At All Grand Dental Locations

No More Dental Anxiety!

Do you start feeling anxious days before you dial the phone to schedule a dental appointment? Do drive around the block several times before you actually park and enter the practice? Do you hate holding your mouth open for what feels like days? And do you find yourself gagging at the very thought of getting a cavity filled? Stop biting your nails and take a deep breath – of nitrous oxide that is.

Our Soothing Approach

Here at Grand Dental Group, we believe that dentistry doesn’t have to be an awful experience. We start helping patients relax the moment they enter our doors with a soothing environment and a caring approach. We work hard to make sure you are comfortable every moment, but if our gentle touch just isn’t enough, we can relieve the most nervous, anxious, or phobic person with one of our outstanding sedation dentistry choices.

Sedation – It’s Your Choice

Sedation dentistry can help anyone from children to adults get the quality dental care they deserve. And our sedation options make even advanced dental care easy for very young children, people with special needs, and those who have trouble sitting comfortably. We offer:


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nitrous oxide can help you relax through any appointment.