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Orthodontics / Invisalign Services AT ALL GRAND DENTAL LOCATIONS

Shaping Superior Smiles with Grand Dental Group

Straight smiles not only look better, they are so much healthier too. At our Grand Dental offices, we can offer a complete range of orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. We even offer orthodontic insurance options – ask us how we can help make your orthodontics affordable today.

Not Sure if Braces are for You?

  • Straight teeth are healthier. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and more likely to contribute to gum disease and decay
  • Teeth that are crowded, spaced, protruding or misaligned usually don’t function properly
  • Poorly aligned teeth and jaw joints can contribute to TMJ symptoms and discomfort. Well-aligned teeth are less prone to shifting and crowding with age
  • Straight teeth increase smiling…and smiling makes you healthier, more confident, and even improves your outlook on the world

Early Intervention

The earlier orthodontic problems are discovered and treated, the more likely treatment is to last. Orthodontic problems usually become apparent when the permanent teeth begin to come in – around age seven. This is an important time to bring your child in for an orthodontic consultation. Our orthodontist will check for proper jaw growth in children as well as educating parents about finger and thumb-sucking habits. And if we see potential issues, we can work with you to create a plan for the long-term well-being of your child.

Adult Orthodontics

Whether you had braces as a child and need minor alignment because you forgot your retainer, or you always wished your teeth could be straighter and missed the braces experience entirely, we can help you find the smile of your dreams. From Invisalign invisible braces for more cosmetic corrections to lingual braces that attach on the inside of your teeth, we can give your orthodontic treatment a more grown-up look to keep you feeling professional.

Our Orthodontic Choices – Your Individual Smile

  • Invisalign and Clearstep
    These clear aligners are the effective, removable choice that no one will notice in your smile.
  • Six Month Smiles
    The short-term alternative to traditional braces or Invisalign specifically designed for adults who want to correct minor flaws in about six short months.
  • Traditional Stainless Steel
    The classic. Best for correcting pediatric smiles and for bite and alignment issues.
  • Gold
    These braces have bling! If you or your young person want to add a little fashion to your treatment, ask us about whether gold braces might be a stylin option to try.
  • Ceramic
    You guessed it: Ceramic braces have tooth-colored brackets so they are less noticeable in your smile.
  • Lingual
    Another subtle option, the wires and brackets for these braces attach inside your teeth instead of the visible front. They work the same way traditional braces work except they are completely hidden from view.
  • Self-Ligating
    Clear, self-ligating clear brackets won’t turn yellow, do not require rubber bands, and are smaller and smoother than traditional braces for superior comfort with fewer appointments and less time.

Whatever your age, whatever your dreams, you deserve straight teeth, and we have an option that is just   right for you! Click here to contact us today and begin your smile journey!

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