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Dental Implants At All Grand Dental Locations

No More Missing Teeth!

Missing teeth. No one wants that. No one looks forward to it. And when it happens, it can actually be quite devastating. Not only do missing teeth make your smile look older and less attractive, it affects your speech, your eating and nutrition, and your confidence. Worst of all, missing teeth lead to bone loss which causes facial collapse.

Dental implants will change all of that!

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are our best – and dare we say – favorite way of replacing missing or lost teeth. No matter if you have lost one tooth to an accident or decay, or you are top-to-bottom without teeth, dental implants are the most functional and practical solutions to get you back to life and smiling again.

Not only is a dental implant a permanent replacement for a missing tooth, it is the most naturally functioning replacement available. An implant works exactly like the tooth it replaced so you can eat, speak, and live with total confidence and enjoyment.


In other words:

And here is another benefit: Occasionally an implant crown will become damaged, just as any tooth can, from biting popcorn kernels, eating ice, or grinding and clenching in your sleep. In that case, all that needs to be replaced is the crown. The post stays strong and secure in your bone.

To ensure that you are a good candidate and for incredible placement precision, we use the non-invasive cone beam scanner to take an image of your jawbone structure and map out the exact placement sites.

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Mini dental implants are very similar to traditional implants but are so small, and placed with such precision, that they do not require cutting or suturing. Instead of cutting a flap of tissue away from the bone to place the implant posts, mini-implants are placed through a tiny channel into the bone. Often crowns or implant-retained dentures can be placed the same day the post is placed so you can leave our office with a comfortable, new smile.

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Implant-Retained Dentures:

For those who do not want to have all of their teeth replaced with implants, implant-retained dentures can offer a great alternative to less comfortable traditional dentures. These dentures snap securely onto implant posts that are placed as described above. Because they are attached to posts, they float above the gums, therefore requiring no adhesive, and rarely cause irritation or discomfort.


All-on-4 Implant-retained dentures are a great choice for those who have been told they may not have enough bone mass to qualify for implants or who want to experience a renewed smile without the wait. Because of the unique placement method, only four implant posts are needed to support an entire implant denture. In addition, a denture can be placed on these implant posts immediately.

Don’t miss out on life because of missing teeth!
Dental implants can get you smiling again – just the way nature intended.