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Cosmetic & Sedation Dental Services

A Lifetime of Grins Starts Here

How often do you really think about going to the dentist? And when you do, does the idea put a smile on your face? We have heard from patient after patient that they never really liked going to the dentist – until they found us.

Love Your Dentist – Love Your Smile

If you don’t like your dentist, you can really start procrastinating – putting off appointments for cleanings, deciding that maybe that chipped tooth can wait, making deals with yourself about getting your dentures relined. Until suddenly, you’re experiencing major dental issues.

We want to make dental care so easy, so comfortable, so warm and caring, that you actually look forward to your appointments! We know that keeping up with your regular dentistry will keep you healthy and your smile going strong.

It starts with the appearance of the first tooth – or maybe even sooner. We believe that the sooner your child becomes familiar and comfortable with the sights and sounds of the dental office, the more at ease they will be for life. Kids love their appointments with us because we let them know how special they are and we always treat them with gentle respect.

dentures - Aurora, Franklin Park, Channahon, Sycamore, Lake Zurich, and Naperville, ILTreatments You Can Trust

Because we have a team of doctors working in every location, we have a variety of specialties and focuses of care. That means that whatever you or your family needs, we can offer it!

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, we can replace it in-office with dental implants. That means both surgical placement of the post and creation of your gorgeous prosthetic.

If you wish your smile was straighter or more beautiful, we put cosmetic dentistry within reach to help with everything from clear braces to porcelain veneers to give you the smile of your dreams.

If you have headaches or jaw pain, or if your teeth are damaged in any way, we have restorative dentistry and TMJ treatments to get you feeling better fast.

We even have pediatric care to give your kids smiles the best start possible.

Take a look at all the services offered at our Grand Dental Group locations:

No matter what kind of dentistry you need, we’ve got it.
Just ask!